Viacheslav Ustinov

Viacheslav Ustinov


And project manager with experience in startups and web for medtech, edtech, martech-products. I live in Turkey and work remotely.



Python, Django, DRF, Redis, Celery, MySQL, PostgreSQL.


CSS, LESS, Vanilla JS, TypeScript, React, Redux, NextJS.


Conda, Pandas, Plot, Urllib, SkLearn, SQLite.


Experience in developing and launching projects from idea to production and monetization.


I am a fast learner, have a good managerial background, can effectively solve business problems as a developer, project manager and IT consultant for companies.



Button dialog constructor for creating interactive sites and widgets for sites.

Stack: Django 3, Django 4, DRF, MySQL, Vanilla JS (Previously, JQuery was used on the front-end of the project, but I completely removed it from the project).

Integrations: Telegram API for user-notifications, Robokassa.


Data visualization system.

Stack: Django 4, DRF, MySQL, React (TypeScript), ChartJS.

Integrations: Additionally, a system for integrating local reports has been implemented.


Turkish language trainer for Russian speaking users with extensive database.

Stack: Django 4, DRF, Postgre, NextJS (TypeScript), asyncio, aiogram.

Integrations: Robokassa, Telegram API.


Web-app for one of the leading medical centers in the Ural (Russian Region). The application was developed taking into account the high requirements for speed and search engine optimization of the project.

Stack: Django 4, DRF, Postgre, Redis, Celery, Native JS Frontend without heavy libraries and frameworks.

Integrations: Arhimed CRM.


Web-app for a large medical center in Russia. Significant attention is paid to the application's speed (static page generation) and the modularity of the structure for convenient application development in the future.

Stack: Django 4, DRF, Postgre, NextJS (Redux, TypeScript).


Development of a service for managing the schedule of the surgical department. Corporate service for a medical center with management via telegram.

Stack: Django 4, DRF, aiohttp, aiogram.


Until 2021, i often worked on projects as a project manager. But relatively long ago, I made an almost complete transition to full-stack development, although I still do quite difficult work: I design, create, configure processes and launch IT projects from idea to monetization.

If we talk about even earlier experience, then I came to the web from data analysis, and I came to data analysis from SEO.

I am well versed in Lean Startup principles and AGILE methodology. As a team leader, I have good experience in the complex organization of processes with an understanding of the economics and development goals.


In my free time, I continue to study Turkish and Turkey, where I have been living since 2021, travel and kitesurf 🏄